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Compare Vaypor S, Helix and Vaypor+ Plus, how fast is the Zero+?, Speedplay four-hole shoes, mid-foot cleat placement plus anatomical design and how to get the most out of your Cobra9 Vaypor Series and Riot Series innersoles.

Comparison: Vaypor 2023, Vaypor S, Helix, Vaypor+ Plus

Bont Cycling offer a number of flagship model road cycling shoes, all with their own advantages. The Vaypor S and Helix are two of our top-end offerings and while they share many similarities, there are a couple of notable differences.

Comparison: Riot and Vaypor Series?

The main difference between the Vaypor and Riot series is that the Vaypor series is our performance-orientated shoe. The heel is slightly tighter, it is more firm and has a more connected feel around the foot. The Vaypor Series also feature a monocoq

Can I order replacement BOA parts?

The BOA Fit System features a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and is handled direct by BOA. Replacement parts are also available via BOA directly. To claim a warranty replacement or order BOA Fit System parts, simply follow the

Are my shoes built to order?

With 19 sizes and four standard widths, sadly Bont Cycling in unable to keep all stock available at all times. It is for this reason Bont Cycling prioritise production of certain models, sizes, widths and colours to best serve its customers. Riot

Innersole Instructions

The new range of Vaypor Series and Riot Series innersoles are designed to replace your currently fitted innersoles. Simply remove your existing innersoles and replace with your new Vaypor or Riot Series innersoles. Both Series' innersoles are suitabl

Can I order Speeplay four-hole sole drilling?

Speedplay four-hole sole shoes are now only available across a number of semi custom and full custom models.

What is anatomical design?

Anatomical design, in the context of what we do at Bont Cycling, means our shoes are built around the shape of the human foot. Bont Cycling shoes feature a true anatomically-correct shape to allow the foot to function in its most efficient and

Mid-foot cleat drilling

Mid-foot cleat placement is available through our semi custom and full custom offerings across the following models. This request is can be made following any semi or full custom order being placed. All semi and full custom customers are contacted sh

How fast is the Zero+?

How fast is the Zero+? We could tell you that our tests show the Zero+ to be the fastest cycling shoe on the planet but unfortunately, like much of the wind tunnel data you see published in the cycling world, a lot of it comes down to application