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Comparison: Riot 24 and Vaypor 2023Updated 3 days ago

The Riot 24 and Vaypor 2023 BOA (Vaypor) and Vaypor Lace deliver all-day comfort and share our latest approach to modern cycling shoe design. Backed by our renowned anatomical-shaping, all-new lowered carbon mid and forefoot shaping and a simplified fit, the Riot 24 and Vaypor have quickly become rider favourites. 

The Riot 24, Vaypor and Vaypor Lace provide a more versatile fit and feel when compared to the Riot+ (Riot+ BOA road) and monocoque construction used in the Vaypor S, Helix, Vaypor+ and Zero+ and accommodate an even greater range of foot shapes, sizes and types.

Built using our latest ‘slide and ride’ construction method and with little to no need for heat holding, the Riot 24, Vaypor and Vaypor Lace are great choices for anyone new to Bont Cycling shoes or have perhaps tried our shoes in the past and found the carbon base to be overly intimidating in fit and feel. If you have always wanted to give Bont Cycling a try, these two models represent outstanding options.

There are however, details that differentiate each model. Read on for comparison between the Riot 24 and Vaypor/Vaypor Lace.

  • Stack height: 4.8mm (Riot 24) vs 3.6mm (Vaypor and Vaypor Lace).
  • Weight: 235 grams (size 42 Riot 24 shoe), 200 grams (size 42 Vaypor) and 180 grams (size 42 Vaypor Lace).
  • Sole material and stiffness: Carbon composite vs unidirectional carbon. The use of unidirectional carbon fibre in the Vaypor allows for a lighter, thinner (lower stack height) and stiffer platform.
  • BOA Fit System: Single-direction BOA L6 Fit System vs Dual-direction BOA Li2 Fit System. These are not interchangeable.
  • Cleat holes: Fixed position cleat holes vs 15mm slotted cleat holes for greater cleat fore and aft adjustment.
  • Innersole: Bont Cycling innersole vs Cobra9-produced innersole with flexible contoured carbon fibre core and dual-density EVA for a more comfortable ride and improved durability.
  • Price: The final but important difference, noted on each product page.

The Riot 24 and Vaypor/Vaypor Lace are built around different lasts so while the sizing is the same, the fit is a touch different.

Read the review by The Pedaler, the team behind Cobra9, where they also provide a comprehensive comparison.

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