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Comparison: Vaypor 2023, Vaypor S, Helix, Vaypor+ PlusUpdated a month ago

Bont Cycling offer a number of flagship model road cycling shoes, all with their own advantages. The most recent additions to the lineup are the Vaypor 2023 / Vaypor Lace and both are completely different offerings to the rest of the Vaypor Series range. Read on for more details around the Vaypor 2023/Lace and feel free to get in touch if you have further questions.

Watch a comparison video of the Vaypor 2023 and Vaypor S here.

The Vaypor S and Helix are two of our top-end offerings and while they share many similarities, there are a couple of notable differences. The key features listed below should help you decide which model suits your particular style of riding.

Note: Vaypor S, Vaypor+ and Helix are available with a specific four-hole Speedplay sole via our semi and full custom models only. The Vaypor 2023 is currently available with a three-hole cleat arrangement sole only and not available in Speedplay or through our custom program.

Vaypor 2023 / Vaypor Lace

Vaypor size: The Vaypor is built around the same shoe last as the Vaypor S however, the fit and feel is very different between these two models. While the length is the same between each model, the two-piece construction of the Vaypor compared to the one-piece monocoque construction of the Vaypor S means you may feel more comfortable in a slightly different size. 

Designed to deliver the absolute best in performance with a zero-compromise approach, the Vaypor 2023 is for the rider who demands it all. When power transfer, structural support and all-day comfort matter most, the all-new Vaypor is the shoe of choice.

Featuring a revamped design and all-new construction method, the Vaypor 2023 is powerfully efficient, super light (just 200g for a size 42 shoe) and designed to be comfortable across rides of any distance and under the harshest of environments. 

Harnessing a reimagined low profile forefoot cradle, arch profile and refined heel cup and opening, the Vaypor 2023 is built to accommodate an improved range of foot shapes, types and widths. It wouldn't be a high-end Bont Cycling shoe if you couldn't heat mold it but be warned, this shoe might just not need it, thanks to the extraordinary lengths we've stretched to make it 'slide and ride' ride straight out of the box.

Combined with slotted cleat holes, the Vaypor 2023 offers wide-ranging cleat positioning to suit the more favoured modern cleat and pedal positions. Fitted with a Bont Cycling by Cobra9 innersole, the Vaypor 2023 takes the top step in the range and is sure to be a model loved by existing customers and even more so by those who perhaps tried our shoes in the past but couldn't get them to quite work with their feet. If this is you, give the Vaypor 2023 a try because we're extremely confident you'll be blown away by the immediate fit and feel.    

Vaypor S

For those possessed by finish-line fever at every occasion, the Bont Cycling Vaypor S is one of our most popular models. Featuring an dual-dial BOA Li2 Fit System, the Vaypor S provides our most secure high-end construction with a fit that pulls the foot securely towards the back of the shoe – rather than simply pushing it into the sole. Combined with Bont Cycling's powerfully stiff sole and anatomically-correct design, the Vaypor S is the go-to for some of sport's quickest finishers. Choose the Vaypor S if you're someone who loves all-out speed, sprints, attacks and has an obsession with white-line fever. 

When it comes to fitting out the professional peloton, the Vaypor S is our most popular choice. Ridden by the likes of sprint star Dylan Groenewegan, classics specialist Sep Vanmarcke, WorldTour athletes from EF Education First-Tibco SVB, three-time IRONMAN World Champion Jan Frodeno and trusted by countless WorldTour men's and women's athletes around the world, the Vaypor S is what we dub the racer's choice.


Note: The Helix is now a discontinued model.

From the description above you would be forgiven for thinking the Helix was a second-tier option when compared to the Vaypor S but that simply isn't the case at all. In fact, the Helix takes our proven Vaypor S platform, renowned anatomical fit and race-winning construction and throws convention out the back of the bunch.

Featuring a reimagined single-dial BOA IP1 Fit System, the Helix utilizes a 360-degree lacing system for our most even and comfortable fit yet. Built to handle the rigours of the WorldTour season and designed to provide all-day comfort, the Helix is to go-to for riders looking for every little bit of performance benefit but with the simplicity and reliability of a single-dial BOA Fit System. Worn by professionals across road and gravel races, the Helix might be a newer kid on the block but it's quickly become a bunch favourite.

All-day adventures, road races, sportives or simply the most anatomically-correct and technically advanced cycling shoe on the planet. Whatever and wherever you want to ride, the Helix will take you there.


Taking performance and luxury to new heights, the Vaypor+ is the pinnacle of our range. Designed with Bont Cycling's renowned construction methods, the Vaypor+ combines classic materials with state of the art implementation. For those who demand the very best out of their body and equipment whilst always looking the part, the Vaypor+ is for you.

The chassis is the heart of the Vaypor+ and is hand-built with 100% uni-directional carbon fiber from the world's number one carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. Every fiber is meticulously positioned into the matrix according to its strain properties to ensure the most effective combination of energy transfer, stiffness, weight and comfort. They're heat moldable too.

Kangaroo leather is used not only for it's supple and soft feel but also for it's incredible strength and abrasion resistance. This super lightweight and luxurious material allows us to deliver a premium shoe without any weight penalty. We call the Vaypor+ our sportive shoe because it's built to go the distance and is almost too nice to race... almost.

The fit of the Vaypor+ differs from both the Vaypor S and Helix in a couple of ways. The Vaypor+ has a more relaxed fit compared to our two competition-focussed models and features a slightly wider and less firm heel cup hold while the toe box area is also more generous. For those who want a stiff and comfortable shoe but with a slightly less 'locked-in' feeling, the Vaypor+ is the way to go.

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