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Can I order Speeplay four-hole sole drilling?Updated 5 months ago

Speedplay four-hole sole shoes are only available across a number of semi custom and full custom models. The following models are available with a Speedplay four-hole drilled sole and can be ordered from their respective semi and full custom product pages:

  • Vaypor S
  • Helix
  • Vaypor+
  • Zero+

Speedplay four-hole sole can be requested post-purchase. Our team always get in touch following any semi or full custom ordering being received so you can make your request during this time.

Remember, custom shoes also provide you with our full suite of MyBonts custom colours. Start your next design via our MyBonts platform.

Stack Height

The effective stack height of the Speedplay four-hole base is around 1.5-2mm taller (thicker) than the three-hole version. This Speedplay four-hole base needs to be made slightly thicker when compared to a three-hole sole in order to produce a flat surface. This additional thickness takes into account the Speedplay protector shim (sold separately) that needs to be run between carbon base and cleat to protect the shoe and allow proper pedal and cleat function.

When comparing it to our three-hole sole and inclusion of the Speedplay 3-4-hole adapter plate, the four-hole stack height is relatively 1.5-2mm lower (keeping the added sole thickness in mind). So while there's a little bit of gain in our four-hole arrangement, it is very marginal (less than .5mm).

The primary benefit of the four-hole sole is simplification of the cleat installation and adjustment process, with a small lowering in stack height. Keep in mind our shoes are already amongst the lowest available so use of a three-hole or four-hole shoe will likely already see your stack height reduced.

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