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Shipping and Delivery

Everything you need to know about shipping and delivery when ordering online from Bont Cycling. Find answers to questions about when your shoes will ship, import duties and taxes plus foreign exchange fees.

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Fit and Sizing

Where to try on Bont Cycling shoes, shoe brand comparison, measuring your feet for online purchases, what is Asian fit and the difference between standard and wide width.

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Compare Vaypor S, Helix and Vaypor+ Plus, how fast is the Zero+?, Speedplay four-hole shoes, mid-foot cleat placement plus anatomical design and how to get the most out of your Cobra9 Vaypor Series and Riot Series innersoles.

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Heat Molding and Maintenance

How to heat mold Bont Cycling shoes, install new cleat t-nuts, shoe cleaning and general repairs and maintenance.

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Returns and Warranty

Return your shoes for refund or exchange, lodge a warranty claim

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Semi and Full Custom

Everything you need to know about semi and full custom shoes including MyBonts custom color platform, Speedplay, mid-foot cleat drilling and special requests.

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Where to find a Bont Cycling dealer, sponsorship and member discounts

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