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Innersole InstructionsUpdated a year ago

The new range of Vaypor Series and Riot Series innersoles are designed to replace your currently fitted innersoles. Simply remove your existing innersoles and replace with your new Vaypor or Riot Series innersoles. Both Series' innersoles are suitable for use across the entire Bont Cycling model range and will fit all sizes and widths including double wide. 

If your Vaypor Series innersoles came with metatarsal pads, these can be fitted to the innersoles in the location guides in the middle of the forefoot or as per your particular needs. Be advised installation of the metatarsal dome/pad is optional and should be considered depending on your specific foot requirements. Read more about metatarsal domes below via the Cobra9 website.

To Met Dome or Not to Met Dome. That is the question.

Met Dome Tips

  • We encourage all cyclists to use their Cobra9 insoles without the provided metatarsal dome initially. The Vaypor Series innersoles are designed with structural arch support thanks to the carbon core and we find that riders moving across to our innersoles do not always need them, even if they have used them in the past with other branded innersoles.
  • If after 2-3 weeks, you need additional pre-metatarsal support, peel away a third or half (maximum) of the dome backing, starting at the closest edge. Fold the backing under the dome and leave the remainder unstuck for the trial period. The adhesive chosen for the met domes has been designed to outlast water, heat, sand and socks so they really are intended to stay put! That said, moving the domes on the EVA covers can be tricky and so getting the position correct prior to complete commitment is highly advised. The adhesive is strong enough that just a small amount of backing removal should allow you to test them for a ride or two and reposition if required.
  • If you need to move the metatarsal dome, gently peel it off the top cover and reposition to where you feel you need more support.  You will be able to do this 2-3 times and may need to peel a little more backing off each time.  The adhesive is very sticky and once fully peeled off, will stick very firmly.
  • The location of the metatarsal dome is very specific to each rider so it may take some trial and error before you find your magic spot.
  • Once you are happy with the final location, draw around the dome with a felt pen, take the dome off the insole and remove all the adhesive backing and stick it back down firmly to where you have marked.

Full custom shoe customers should get in touch regarding our full custom innersole offering.

Note: Remove innersoles prior to heat molding. Failure to remove your innersoles prior to heat molding can lead to damage of your innersoles and shoes. Place innersoles back into shoes once they have been removed from the oven so you can complete the process with your feet inside the warm shoes.

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