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Are my shoes built to order?Updated 2 months ago

UPDATE 26/7/23

Please see below for updated production times for all high-end models.

Riot, Riot+ road and Riot MTB+ are available in standard and wide/Asian fit and are not built to order. These are generally available for immediate shipping as per our shipping times.

The models and widths below are all built to order.

Current production for the shoes below is 8-10 weeks. Once ordered, your shoes will go into production immediately and shipped once finished.

  • Vaypor 2023 (all widths)
  • Zero+ (all widths)
  • Zero+ T (all widths)
  • Vaypor S (all widths)
  • Helix (all widths)
  • Vaypor+ (all widths)
  • Vaypor G (all widths)
  • Vaypor T (all widths)
  • Crono MK2 (all widths)
  • Double wide and double wide Asian fit
  • Semi custom
  • Full custom

All these models and widths (excluding double wide, double wide Asian fit, semi custom and full custom) can be returned as per our Returns Policy.

Please refer to our returns policy for additional information around returns for any shoes sold via our online store. 

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