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Can I order replacement BOA parts?Updated a month ago

The BOA Fit System features a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and is handled direct by BOA.

Replacement parts are also available via BOA directly.

To claim a warranty replacement or order BOA Fit System parts, simply follow the steps via the link below and you'll be able to get the replacement parts shipped out.

BOA Support

If your enquiry can't be resolved via a replacement kit, click Contact at the bottom of the page and send a messagae with details of your issue, original proof of purchase (if available) and clear images of both shoes from all sides and we can provide options for repair or replacement.

Please note that if your shoes are equipped with Atop dials and laces, sadly we are unable to assist with replacement parts. We recommend getting in touch with Atop directly or alternatively, get in touch and we'll see how we can assist with a replacement pair of shoes.

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