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How fast is the Zero+?Updated a year ago

We could tell you that our tests show the Zero+ to be the fastest cycling shoe on the planet but unfortunately, like much of the wind tunnel data you see published in the cycling world, a lot of it comes down to application and interpretation.

What we can tell you is that our Zero+ is one of the fastest shoes ever produced by Bont Cycling and it's for this reason the likes of former Hour Record holder Alex Dowsett chose to ride in the Zero+ during his first record-breaking attempt – without aero booties. Then you've got Jan Frodeno who has worn the Zero+ to three IM world titles and countless more victories and while we can't prove he wouldn't have won without them, we're confident our air-slicing shoes help him rip through the bike leg whenever he lines up.

The Zero+ rider is more calculated than the traditional racer. By using every piece of data available to them on the day, they always have the edge when it comes to training and racing. 

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