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Heat Molding and Maintenance

How to heat mold Bont Cycling shoes, install new cleat t-nuts, shoe cleaning and general repairs and maintenance.

How to: Heat mold Bont Cycling shoes

Bont Cycling's proprietary resin has been perfected over the last 40 years and is designed to become malleable at relatively low temperatures. The carbon chassis (base) of all Bont Cycling shoes can be heat molded at home without the need for

How to: Remove and Install Toe/Heel Bumpers

All Bont Cycling shoes feature replaceable front toe bumpers and heel pads which can be installed by following our guide as per below. Bont Cycling Vented toe bumpers are glued to the front of the shoe and as such, care must be taken when removing

How to: Clean my Bont Cycling shoes

Bont Cycling shoes are built to withstand the harsh environments often experienced across the seasons but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated to a little attention every now and then, to ensure the greatest and longest life possible. The

How to: Repair upper of shoes

If the upper of your shoe starts to come away from the carbon fiber sole, it can be easily repaired with an appropriate glue. As our shoe upper sits over the top of the sole, a small lifting of the upper away from the shoe will not impact the structu

How to: install Motion cleat adapter

The Motion cleat adapter includes all parts necessary to convert Motion shoes from a 3-hole Look/Shimano cleat hole sole configuration to a 2-hole (SPD/Time/Crankbrothers/Look X-Track) configuration. Two-hole systems are often found and required for

How to: Replace MTB Sole Guards

Use a small amount of acetone or nail polish remover to dissolve any glue from the base of the shoe. Try, as best as possible, to apply the acetone right where it is needed. If necessary, pry the MTB Sole Guards off the sole slightly to apply the

My cleat bolts are too long

Bont Cycling shoes feature an industry-leading 3.6mm stack height across the Vaypor S, Helix, Vaypor+, Zero+, Crono MK2 and Vaypor G models. This ultra-close connection between shoe and pedal can, on occasion, mean changing your current cleat bolts

Can I install two-hole cleats on three-hole sole road shoes?

Yes you can! Our Motion Adpater plate is specifically designed to suit the base of the Motion model however, it is compatible with our other shoes. The Motion Adapter can be found via a local retailer or through our online store.

Cleat and Sole T-Nuts

Bont Cycling cleat and sole pad t-nuts are designed to ‘bite’ into the sole of the shoe when your cleats or pads are affixed. That said, sometimes the t-nut can spin making it a little difficult to remove if the existing bolts have not been

Why do I have cleat movement?

Be advised some pedal systems, including Look Keo, can produce a small amount of cleat rocking when used with Bont Cycling shoes. This is largely due to our anatomical shaping and 3.6mm stack height (sole thickness) which leads to a flatter sole. In