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How to: install Motion cleat adapterUpdated 2 years ago

The Motion cleat adapter includes all parts necessary to convert Motion shoes from a 3-hole Look/Shimano cleat hole sole configuration to a 2-hole (SPD/Time/Crankbrothers/Look X-Track) configuration.

Two-hole systems are often found and required for use on spin studio bikes, commuter or off-road bikes which feature a two-hole pedal system.
The Motion cleat adapter has been designed specifically to suit the base of the Motion shoe however, it can also be fitted to all three-hole Bont Cycling shoes, excluding the Crono MK2. 
Each Motion cleat adapter includes:
  • 2 x Motion cleat adaptor plates
  • 2 x Base plates
  • 6 x 8mm base plate bolts
  • 2 x 9mm cleat bolts (suitable for some cleat systems)

Tools required (not included)

  • 4mm Allen Key
  • Grease or Loctite 401 (or equivalent) as preferred. Grease will make removal of bolts easier in the future while Loctite 401 is a thread locking compound to prevent the bolts coming undone.

Follow these steps for installation of the Motion cleat adapter.  

  1. Check all parts received as per below.
  2. Flip one shoe upside down so the base is facing upward (towards you).
  3. Position the steel base plate onto the sole of the shoe in your desired fore-aft location with the two-hole threads facing upward. 
  4. Place two greased 8mm base plate bolts onto the base plate and tighten evenly to 5-7Nm.
  5. Place the TPU (plastic) cleat adapter over the top of the base plate with the shiny side facing upward. 
  6. Take the final greased 8mm base plate bolt and tighten into the top position (closest) to toe and tighten to 5-7Nm.
  7. Install cleat into place following pedal manufacturer's instructions. Check supplied 9mm cleat bolts and use if suitable for cleat configuration. Be advised this bolt is primarily intended for use of Shimano SPD cleats and is smaller than supplied with pedals. If in doubt, check the bolt can affix securely to the Motion base plate and does not protrude into the sole of the Motion shoe.
  8. Repeat as above for second shoe and ride!
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