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How to: Clean my Bont Cycling shoesUpdated 2 years ago

Bont Cycling shoes are built to withstand the harsh environments often experienced across the seasons but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated to a little attention every now and then, to ensure the greatest and longest life possible. The majority of our models can be cleaned in a similar way to your usual sports trainers however, we do recommend slightly different techniques depending on the materials.

For models featuring Durolite or Microfiber (listed below), these can be cleaned using a soft brush, mild detergent and cold water. For more stubborn dirt, laundry power/liquid mixed with some warm water is generally suitable and can be left to soak if required. We recommend the addition of laundry sanitizer for shoes ridden in humid conditions and/or worn in wet conditions.

  • Vaypor S
  • Helix
  • Zero+ and Zero+ T
  • Vaypor T 
  • Crono MK2
  • Vaypor G
  • Riot+, Riot TR+ and Riot MTB+
  • Riot Buckle
  • Motion

The Vaypor+ features a leather liner and outer and as such, should be cleaned, prepared and treated differently to the models above. Just as you would treat your leather casual or formal shoes, the Vaypor+ (or other model built with leather) should be given a little extra attention. Do this and they will outlast most if not all of your other cycling kit.

Bont Cycling recommends using a specific leather brush, cleaner and protectant on all leather shoe models. A Pecard Leather Cleaning Brush and Classic Mini Kit will do the job nicely or alternatively search for a product that will not stain or discolour leather. This is especially important for those with coloured or white leather shoes.

Warning: If in doubt as to whether your cleaning solution will be suitable for your Bont Cycling shoes, consider the usual intended purpose or better still, look for a specific shoe cleaner that will not damage, discolour or stain the material.

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