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My cleat bolts are too longUpdated 2 years ago

Bont Cycling shoes feature an industry-leading 3.6mm stack height across the Vaypor S, Helix, Vaypor+, Zero+, Crono MK2 and Vaypor G models.

This ultra-close connection between shoe and pedal can, on occasion, mean changing your current cleat bolts to a shorter variety. While Bont Cycling cannot supply cleat bolts to suit all pedal and cleat combinations (there are far too many systems out there), we recommend checking the cleat bolt length prior to first using the shoes.

For all road shoes (excluding the the Helix), cleat bolt length can be visually checked by removing the inner sole following cleat installation. The Helix features a carbon covering and is glued to the inner base of the shoe which means you will be unable to see the bolt thread. For Helix owners using Shimano pedals, the supplied 10mm cleat bolts are the correct length, when fitted according to guidelines with the Shimano cleat washers. Do not use these cleat bolts for other pedal and cleat combinations. Follow pedal manufacturer instructions and source compatible bolts if required.

Regarding Vaypor S, Vaypor+, Zero+ and Crono MK2, if the cleat bolts are protruding more than 1mm beyond the cleat t-nut, it is possible you will need to source shorter bolts. Again, the supplied 10mm (total length) Shimano-style bolts are suitable for use with Shimano road pedal and cleat systems. These are not recommended for other pedal and cleat configurations. Generally speaking, most road pedal and cleat systems will require approximately 10mm bolt length. We recommend a visual inspection of the inside of the shoe to ensure they are not protruding. Excessive length cleat bolts will push into the inner sole of the shoe and cause discomfort and possible injury. 

The Vaypor G utilises the same 3.6mm sole thickness and cleat bolt length should be considered when installing new cleats. Depending on the pedal and cleat system being used, normally 9-10mm bolt length should be appropriate.

Note: The information provided above should be taken as a guide only. Follow all manufacturer instructions when installing new cleats.


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