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Fit and Sizing

Where to try on Bont Cycling shoes, shoe brand comparison, measuring your feet for online purchases, what is Asian fit and the difference between standard and wide width.

Shoe size finder

If you're unable to try on Bont Cycling shoes in a store or have trouble working out your correct size, feel free to use our Shoe Size Finder to assist in finding the correct size and width shoe for your feet.  For those with more specific sizing

Standard and Wide Difference?

Bont Cycling shoe width can be determined by looking at the shape of the toe box area. Wide and Asian fit shoes will feature a more square-shape toe box while the standard width is more tapered. Be advised, our size chart is based on foot size and

What is Wide and Asian Fit?

Asian fit is 1-2mm wider (Riot Series) and 3-4mm wider (Vaypor series, Zero+, Helix) in the forefoot area compared to standard width and features a narrower heel cup along with flatter instep/arch. Asian fit and wide fit share the same width in the

Where can I try on shoes?

We have distributors in 28 countries and while we can't service every single one of you, there's a good chance one of our distributors will be able to point you in the right direction. Head to our Where to Buy  page and get in touch via phone or emai

Trace My Feet

Sizing varies across the range of Bont Cycling shoes with both European and US listed for comparison. Download the Bont Cycling Tracing Grid and easily measure the length and width of both feet using our A4 or US Letter PDF with 3mm box grid