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Shoe size finderUpdated 2 months ago

We recommend matching up the CM or JP number found on your current cycling shoes to the "Internal Shoe Length" millimetre (MM) measurement found on our size chart.

Assuming your current shoes are labelled accurately for length, matching up these numbers will give you the same shoe size as you are wearing now.


If you're unable to try on Bont Cycling shoes in a store or have trouble working out your correct size, feel free to use our Shoe Size Finder to assist in finding the correct size and width shoe for your feet. You can also try our Brand Comparison tool, located via our online store product pages to compare your current cycling shoes to your most appropriate size in Bont Cycling shoes.

Simply click the image below, navigate to your intended shoe model and click the Brand Comparison link.


To find your Bont Cycling shoe size, download and print our all-new sizing page in US Letter or A4 and follow the instructions exactly as listed. Stand barefoot, mark with a straight edge your longest toe and widest part of your foot. Double check the length and width with a ruler to confirm your measurements.

Got more complex sizing issues to discuss? Click the red 'speech bubble' in the corner and send us a message. Rather send a longer enquiry? Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Contact Us.

A member of our team will respond within 2-3 business days (Australia EST time) with a recommendation based on the information provided.

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