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Where can I try on shoes?Updated a year ago

We have distributors in 28 countries and while we can't service every single one of you, there's a good chance one of our distributors will be able to point you in the right direction. Head to our Where to Buy  page and get in touch via phone or email to find your closest retailer or dealer of Bont Cycling shoes. 

Tip: The white color 'pins' are country or regional distributors who sell to the retailer. If you're unable to find a retailer (red 'pin) nearby, send the distributor an email or get in touch via phone. 

Bont Cycling shoes are shipped to nearly 60 countries and can be purchased via our online store

Still can't find someone nearby? Our team are always available to answer any questions necessary to make an informed decision when buying online. Simply click the Contact Us button found at the bottom of this page and we'll happily assist with your enquiry.

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