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What is Wide and Asian Fit?Updated 3 days ago

Asian fit is 1-2mm wider (Riot Series) and 3-4mm wider (Vaypor series, Zero+, Helix) in the forefoot area compared to standard width and features a narrower heel cup along with flatter arch. Asian fit and wide fit share the same width in the forefoot while the shaping is slightly more square in the Asian fit.

Consider the information below when deciding if Asian fit or wide fit is right for you:

The Riot and Riot+ series, including Riot buckle, Riot+ road, Riot MTB+ and Riot TR+ are available in two distinct shaping profiles. Standard fit is our regular width while wide/Asian is the other wide option. The Riot and Riot+ series are not available in narrow or double wide. 

If your width or foot shape falls outside of this range, please consider one of the models as listed below. These models are built around four distinct lasts.

The Vaypor S, Helix, Zero+, Vaypor+, Crono and Vaypor G have four distinct shape offerings. These models are available in narrow, standard, Asian and wide (before considering double wide Asian fit and double wide) fit. Each width is built around a specific last with individual profiles dependending on the width selection made. 

Double wide Asian fit is 3-4mm wider in the forefoot compared to standard Asian fit.

The best way to determine whether you need wide fit or Asian fit is to think about your current shoes and where they lack comfort or fail to hold the foot securely. If you have feet that are wider in the forefoot, relatively flat in the arch with a higher instep, Asian fit is likely the best choice.

As shown in the image below (Vaypor+), Asian fit also has a slightly more square toe box shape. This is a more suitable shape for those with toe lengths that sit closer to the big toe length.

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