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Semi and Full Custom

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Everything you need to know about semi and full custom shoes including MyBonts custom color platform, Speedplay, mid-foot cleat drilling and special requests.


What is the difference between Semi and Full Custom?

Bont Cycling offer a suite of customizable options across the Vaypor S, Helix, Zero+, Zero+ T, Vaypor T, Vaypor+ and Vaypor G platforms. Semi custom provides options for size changes including different left and right shoes plus width adjustments

Do I need full custom shoes?

You probably know the answer to this question better than anyone but here are a few things to ask yourself when considering full custom shoes...

What is full custom?

Bont Cycling has been making full custom cycling shoes for over a decade and our full custom processes are backed by more than 40 years of manufacturing high-performance sports footwear. Full custom shoes are built around the exact shape of the