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Do I need full custom shoes?Updated 2 years ago

You probably know the answer to this question better than anyone but here are a few things to ask yourself when considering full custom shoes.

  1. Have you worn multiple pairs of uncomfortable shoes in the past?
  2. Do your feet have any distinguishing features that you believe makes them incompatible with most cycling shoes?
  3. Do you experience pain in your feet that you believe is likely coming from the fit of your shoes?
  4. Are the ongoing effects from injury which reduce your mobility through the pedalling stroke?

If you answered yes to a few of the above, you're a prime candidate for our MyBonts Full Custom program. Full Custom shoes are available across the Vaypor S, Helix, Zero+, Vaypor G, Vaypor T and Vaypor+ platforms and are produced using castings of your feet.

Once ordered, our custom team will be in touch to arrange and ship a foot casting kit. We recommend taking the kit to a trained podiatrist or bike fitter experienced in taking foot castings for cycling shoes. We've been doing this custom thing for over 40 years and as the largest manufacturer of custom cycling shoes on the planet, we're always available to ensure your castings are made correctly.

Explore the MyBonts range here.

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