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What are custom Cobra9 innersoles?Updated a year ago

Bont Cycling custom innersoles are produced in partnership with Cobra9 and are the leading cycling orthotic experts in Australia. All Bont Cycling by Cobra9 innersoles are designed and manufactured in Australia and shipped to our customers all over the world.

Full custom innersoles are built using impression castings of your feet and are designed to provide the ultimate in foot support and comfort, for any brand of cycling shoes. While our current range of Vaypor Series innersoles take our shoes to the next level of comfort, full custom innersoles are created to suit the exact needs of your feet. 

If you already have a pair of our shoes and love them, a full custom innersole will take them to all new heights of comfort and performance.

How is this done?

Full custom innersoles are built using foot impression castings and must be supplied by the customer. Each detail of the sole is cast into the mold with the innersole then created to match the requirements of the customer. For those with specific requirements in addition to the impression, these can be discussed and built into the innersole as requested.

A casting impression box can be sourced locally and usually found easily through a Google search. If you're looking to have the impression performed by a podiatrist, they may have these available during your appointment.

The below brands (anything fold over) are suitable for home impression usage. Once the casting has been performed, they are shipped to Australia for production. Details for shipping are provided once your order is placed.

Global: (fold over kit)
Australia: Shipped from Bont Cycling direct to customer.

Impression boxes can be found as single items with eBay/Amazon or similar a good starting point. If you're having difficulty finding them locally, please send us a message via the red 'speech bubble' and we can assist further.

Where do I begin?

In order to kick-start the full custom process, simply place your order and our custom team will be in touch shortly afterwards to discuss next steps. Be advised, full custom innersoles cannot be rushed and once the initial order is placed, most customers receive their finished shoes within approximately 6-8 weeks. This time includes shipment of the impression box to our location in Australia, time to have the innersoles produced and shipped back your location.

Keep in mind you will need to return your completed castings Australia at your own expense. So, keep in mind that there are some additional costs associated with purchase outside of the product cost. For our US customers, it's worth exploring a shipping comparison site like Parcel Monkey or similar courier comparison providers. These can often offer better rates with the same level of service than regular postal services. Again, check your local options.

Got another question about the custom process? Click the red 'speech bubble' to get in touch.

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