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What is full custom?Updated a year ago

Bont Cycling has been making full custom cycling shoes for over a decade and our full custom processes are backed by more than 40 years of manufacturing high-performance sports footwear. Full custom shoes are built around the exact shape of the customer's foot. While our standard offerings use our renowned anatomical last (what a shoe is built around), full custom shoes take it to the next level with a shoe that is built around an exact replica of your feet.

How is this done?

Full custom shoes are built using foot castings which must be supplied by the customer. Every small detail of the foot is set into the casting which is then transported into the foot last (mold).
Long, short, wide, narrow or something completely unique, full custom shoes are designed for those who have been unable to find the perfect fit in regular cycling shoes. Already fit into a standard Bont Cycling shoe and love them? Full custom isn't necessarily for you but semi custom may just be your ultimate upgrade.

In order to get the best result, we strongly recommend the process of creating foot castings be undertaken by a trained professional who is familiar with making castings designed for cycling shoes. Can't find a suitable expert nearby? Some of our customers and a number of our professional athletes perform the foot castings themselves. With an eye for detail and some patience, this can be performed in the comfort of your home - but it's not a task we recommend unless absolutely necessary. Full custom shoes are an investment and it's worth spending the time and effort to get the castings created professionally.

Accuracy is absolutely critical when it comes to the foot castings so regardless of the trained professional at the helm, ensure they follow our supplied instructions to the smallest detail. The better the castings, the better the result.

Where do I begin?

In order to kick-start the full custom process, simply place your order and our custom team will be in touch shortly afterwards to discuss next steps. Be advised, full custom shoes cannot be rushed and once the initial order is placed, most customers receive their finished shoes within approximately 12 weeks. This time includes shipment of the casting kit to the customer, time to have the castings made and shipped back to our factory in China plus 10-12 weeks of production time.

Keep in mind that you will need to return your completed castings to our factory in China at your own expense. So, keep in mind that there are some additional costs associated with purchasing full custom shoes outside of the product cost. For our US customers, it's worth exploring a shipping comparison site like Parcel Monkey or similar. Comparison providers generally offer better rates with the same level of service.

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