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I need help with sizing

If you're unable to try on Bont Cycling shoes in a store or have trouble working out your correct size, feel free to use our Shoe Size Finder to assist in finding the correct size and width shoe for your feet. 

For those with more specific sizing needs, please download the Bont Cycling Tracing Grid in A4 or US Letter, trace your feet (barefoot), accurately measure the length and width of both feet and get in touch with our team. Instructions for tracing can be found via our Trace My Feet page. Foot tracings are not necessary for those with standard shoe requirements.

Got more complex sizing issues to discuss? Click on the "Ask" button or send an email to [email protected] and tell us what you're currently wearing; brand, model and size plus model of Bont Cycling shoe you are interested in. Please also send across the details from each point below. This will allow our team to provide the most accurate advice:

  • Length of left and right feet in millimetres (with load applied onto front of feet)
  • Width of left and right feet at forefoot in millimetres
  • General shape of foot; mid, high arch, flat, high instep, bunions etc
  • Brand, model, size and width of shoe/s currently being worn (plus clear photo of size label/s)
  • Model of Bont Cycling shoe you're looking at

A member of our team will respond within two working days with a recommendation based on your sizing.

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