What is the difference between Semi and Full Custom?

Bont Cycling offer a suite of customizable options across the Vaypor S, Helix, Zero+, Zero+ T, Vaypor T, Vaypor+, Vaypor G and Crono MK2 platforms.

Semi custom provides options for size changes including different left and right shoes plus width adjustments included but not limited to double wide, Asian fit, double wide Asian fit along with accommodations for orthotics, bunions/protrusions and high instep feet. Semi custom models can also be built using our extensive color palette with thousands of color combinations available. Colour options can be made prior to purchase or afterwards via our updated MyBonts custom platform.

Full Custom shoes are built entirely around the shape of your feet. Bont Cycling Casting Sox are sent to all full custom customers in order to create bespoke molds to build your shoes. Foot castings should conducted by a trained professional who is experienced in making castings for cycling shoes. Our custom team will also be on hand to guide you through the casting process while colours can be created and confirmed through our MyBonts custom platform.

You can find our full range of Semi and Full Custom shoes here.

Still unsure if you need semi or full custom shoes? Get in touch with our team by clicking on the "Ask" button or send an email to sales@bontcycling.com and a member of our team will be in touch within two working days.

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