Cleat and Sole T-Nuts

Bont Cycling cleat and sole pad t-nuts are designed to ‘bite’ into the sole of the shoe when your cleats or pads are affixed.

That said, sometimes the t-nut can spin making it a little difficult to remove if the existing bolts have not been sufficiently greased during installation. 

The best way to remove our cleat or sole t-nuts is to either use a pair of circlip pliers from the inside of the shoe (to hold the t-nut in place) or to use a pair of needle nose pliers under the head of the bolt and pull upwards as you unscrew it.

Note, this is easily performed on our Vaypor S, Vaypor+, Helix, Zero+ and Crono models as the t-nuts are visible underneath the innersole. Loose or spinning t-nuts can be glued into the base using a contact adhesive like Gorilla Clear Grip, Loctite Stik'n Seal or equivalent. 

Be advised, our Riot, Riot+ and Motion series have a fabric bottom and therefore their t-nuts are not able to be changed. Please reach out to our team at; and they can advise possible solutions. 

Replacement cleat and sole t-nuts can be purchased through a retailer found by contacting your country distributor or our online store.  

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