Mid-foot cleat drilling

Mid-foot cleat placement is available through our semi custom and full custom offerings across the following models. There is no additional charge for these changes in the semi or full custom models. This request is can be made following any semi or full custom order being placed. All semi and full custom customers are contacted shortly after the order has been received and it is at this time when all special requests including mid-foot cleat placement can be made. This is in addition to the selection of colours along with additional sizing modifications.

  • Vaypor S
  • Vaypor+
  • Zero+

Bont Cycling custom

Mid foot cleat placement is also only available for Speedplay four-hole drilling. Be advised four-hole drilling is compatible with Speedplay pedal and cleat systems only.

This option cannot be adapted to any standard off-the-shelf models.

Due to the grip plate on our MTB shoes, we are unable to build the Riot MTB+ or Vaypor G with mid-foot cleat placement.

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